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This beautiful and awesome world is filled with new, exciting and amazing things. BlogYub was created to help you search, discover and share what’s out there. Why? Because sharing is caring.

Are you a blogger looking for more exposure or are you someone just wanting to share a favorite post? BlogYub is a collection of best user submission sites. Although we prefer that posts be submitted by their owners, we accept submissions from all members.

Our primary goal is to provide a service that connects bloggers and readers with one another.

With BlogYub sites, each and every post links directly to the bloggers site. If you click on the image, you'll be directed to the bloggers post. Below each image and before the description, you'll find the Blog Name link. Once clicked, a page will be displayed with all posts listed on BlogYub from this blogger. Members can choose to "Follow" a favorite blogger or add an awesome post to their favorites.

What does BlogYub mean?

Yub [yuhb]

  1. a researcher
  2. finder

BlogYub [blog yuhb]

  1. a tool that helps you find blog
  2. someone that searches for blog

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